• Resampling Adaptive Cloth Simulations onto Fixed-Topology Meshes
    George Brown, Armin Samii, James F. O'Brien, and Rahul Narain
    ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2015 (poster)
    [Project Page] [PDF]

  • Adaptive Anisotropic Remeshing for Cloth Simulation
    Rahul Narain, Armin Samii, and James F. O'Brien
    ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2012
    [Project Page] [PDF] [Slides] [Video]

  • Data-Driven Automatic Cropping for Semantic Composition Search
    Armin Samii, Zhe Lin, and Radomir Měch
    Computer Graphics Forum 2014
    [PDF] [Supplemental Material] [Slides]

  • Distance Metric for Image Comparison
    Armin Samii, Zhe Lin, and Radomir Měch
    US Patent 20140169684 A1 (application)
    [Google Patents]

Class/Side Projects
  • Red Friends, Blue Friends (2017) Tool for grassroots organizers. Allows you to ask your Facebook friends to contact their senators and influence Senate votes. Facebook has disabled the search-by-state functionality which powered this tool initially, so the current iteration searches for friends in the top 50 cities in each state.
    [Github] [Website]

  • Transcroobie (2016)
    Automatic audio transcription for journalists using computer-generated text (via Google Speech API) and crowdsourcing corrections (via Amazon Mechanical Turk). In private alpha stages.

  • A Perceptually Based Model of Visual Adaptation (2014)
    Master's Thesis.
    A perceptual model that accounts for the time-varying changes to perceived color and brightness that occur due to time-varying adaptation and the transition between cone- and rod-mediated vision.

  • Interactive Visualization for System Log Analysis (2014)
    CS262-A: Computer Systems.
    A prototype visualization interface to assist system administrators in searching and understanding system logs.
    [PDF] [Poster]

  • Artist Decision Modeling (2011)
    UC Berkeley CS 294-69: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography.
    We model the decision process of an artist using, training a model from data contained in a photographer's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom catalog.
    [Slides], [PDF]

  • Garden Path (2011)
    A GUI to create rapidly flickering gradients in order to find the point at which two orthogonal colors have the same perceived brightness, creating an illusion of a non-flickering strip (the "Garden Path"). It is used in Bruce Bridgeman's research on synesthesia, including a paper Metacontrast masking.
    [Project Page]

  • Image Sorter (2010)
    UC Santa Cruz CMPS 160: Intro to Computer Graphics
    We analyze images and sort them based on an "importance" score. The goal is to automatically detect low-quality and repetitive photos, sorting photographs in a way that prioritizes both uniqueness and quality.
    [UCSC Senior Thesis / Technical Report]

  • Vocabulary Quizzer (2010)
    Designed to help me personally on the GRE Verbal Exam. (Grabbing example usage sentences no longer works.)
    Application Web Page