Resampling Adaptive Cloth Simulations onto Fixed-Topology Meshes
George Brown, Armin Samii, James F. O'Brien, and Rahul Narain
ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2015 (poster)
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Adaptive Anisotropic Remeshing for Cloth Simulation
Rahul Narain, Armin Samii, and James F. O'Brien
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Data-Driven Automatic Cropping for Semantic Composition Search
Armin Samii, Zhe Lin, and Radomir Měch
Computer Graphics Forum 2014
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Distance Metric for Image Comparison
Armin Samii, Zhe Lin, and Radomir Měch
US Patent 20140169684 A1 (application)
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Class/Side Projects

Red Friends, Blue Friends (2017)
Tool for grassroots organizers. Allows you to ask your Facebook friends to contact their senators and influence Senate votes. Facebook has disabled the search-by-state functionality which powered this tool initially, so the current iteration searches for friends in the top 50 cities in each state.
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Transcroobie (2016)
Automatic audio transcription for journalists using computer-generated text (via Google Speech API) and crowdsourcing corrections (via Amazon Mechanical Turk). In private alpha stages.

A Perceptually Based Model of Visual Adaptation (2014)
Master's Thesis
A perceptual model that accounts for the time-varying changes to perceived color and brightness that occur due to time-varying adaptation and the transition between cone- and rod-mediated vision.

Interactive Visualization for System Log Analysis (2014)
CS262-A: Computer Systems
A prototype visualization interface to assist system administrators in searching and understanding system logs.
[PDF] [Poster]

Artist Decision Modeling (2011)
UC Berkeley CS 294-69: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography
We model the decision process of an artist using, training a model from data contained in a photographer's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom catalog.
[Slides], [PDF]

Garden Path (2011)
Research Application
A GUI to create rapidly flickering gradients in order to find the point at which two orthogonal colors have the same perceived brightness, creating an illusion of a non-flickering strip (the "Garden Path"). It is used in Bruce Bridgeman's research on synesthesia, including a paper Metacontrast masking.
[Project Page]

Image Sorter (2010)
UC Santa Cruz CMPS 160: Intro to Computer Graphics
We analyze images and sort them based on an "importance" score. The goal is to automatically detect low-quality and repetitive photos, sorting photographs in a way that prioritizes both uniqueness and quality.
[UCSC Senior Thesis / Technical Report]

Vocabulary Quizzer (2010)
Flash Application (long live ActionScript)
Created to help me study for the GRE Verbal Exam.
Application Web Page